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Video of Tank Carradine working the sled

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The San Francisco 49ers had Tank Carradine slim down to take on an OLB/edge rusher role. We'll see if it helps him be a little more productive.

The San Francisco 49ers drafted Tank Carradine to be a defensive tackle, and it was mostly a bust. He lost his speed as the team bulked him up into the 290s, and he could not consistently get on the field.

It took the team three seasons to realize this was not going to work, but the team finally decided to slim him back down to play an outside linebacker/edge rusher role. Tank has slimmed down into the 260 range, according to Matt Barrows. Prior to OTAs, Matt Maiocco suggested Tank would focus on edge rusher, but he got work in the OLB position as well. He has plenty of work to do on the coverage side of things, but as a pass rusher, it could create some great opportunities as he heads into the final year of his rookie contract.

Earlier today, Matt Maiocco posted some video from this week's OTAs showing Tank working against the sled. He is showing some pass rushing, but the big takeaway is how slimmed down he looks. If you just do a google image search, you can start to get a little bit of an idea compared to some pictures. Now we just have to wait and see how it takes when he's facing opposing blockers.

Slimmed-down Tank Carradine looks lighter on his feet as an edge rusher. #49ers

A video posted by Matt Maiocco (@maioccocsn) on