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49ers draft 2016: Video of the experts' thoughts throughout the draft

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Miss watching the draft? We got you covered.

The San Francisco 49ers concluded their draft on Saturday which means analyzing the picks and looking at contributions to the roster. Like them or hate them, some mild curiosity can be sparked during the draft by the 'experts' covering the draft on TV.

And these experts usually are what make you decide which network to watch.  ESPN has the familiar faces of Mel Kiper Jr., Chris Berman and Jon Gruden, while NFL network has brought in a bevy of personalities including Mike Mayock. Either way, if you watch one network, you're not going to get to hear the thoughts of the other one. That is, unless if you're a 49ers fan.

For those of you who were curious what ESPN or the NFL network said about the 49ers' draft picks, or you just missed portions of what was televised, a video went up on YouTube with the thoughts on the draft picks on both networks. I've provided a link to the video. This only goes into what was said regarding the 49ers on each pick So if you were curious like me as to how much Kiper didn't like the Joshua Garnett pick, here you go.