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49ers to sign 11 undrafted free agents following 2016 NFL Draft

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Here is a list of the 11 undrafted free agents the 49ers have reportedly agreed to terms with since the end of the 2016 NFL Draft. Some might end up as just tryout candidates, but we'll find out more this week at rookie minicamp.

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up the draft over the weekend, and that was quickly followed by a flood of news about undrafted free agents. The team has reportedly agreed to terms on deals with as many as 11 undrafted players. The team had eight open roster spots following the draft, so the UDFA news means either they will release players as many as three players, or three of the 11 players are actually tryout candidates, and not actually signed to contracts.

The 49ers hold their rookie minicamp later this week, starting on Thursday. They will likely announce their UDFA signings right around that day. For now, reports and tweets suggest the following players are joining the 49ers in some form or fashion:

WR: Bryce Treggs (Cal), Devon Cajuste (Stanford)
OG: Blake Muir (Baylor)

DL: Demetrius Cherry (Arizona State), Darren Lake (Alabama), Alex Balducci (Oregon)
OLB: Jason Fanaika (Utah), Lenny Jones (Nevada), Kevin Anderson (Stanford)
S: Jered Bell (Colorado)

K: John Lunsford (Liberty)

We'll be doing plenty of predictions and analysis on all of these UDFAs. The odds of making the 49ers roster are long for all of them, but there are some intriguing opportunities. Devon Cajuste and Bryce Treggs enter competition at the wide receiver position, which is fairly wide open. The 49ers did not draft any addition OLB pass rush options, so Jason Fanaika, Lenny Jones, and Kevin Anderson all have an opportunity to prove themselves there.

It is easier to project none of these guys making the roster, but the 49ers have had decent success with UDFAs the past few years. From that group, who is your most likely candidate to make the 53-man roster? Cajuste is probably a popular pick, but Darren Lake and Alex Balducci are intriguing depending on the state of Ian Williams' ankle.