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Trent Dilfer expected to leave ESPN, could he join 49ers?

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Fooch's note: Trent Dilfer told Cam Inman he has no intention of joining the 49ers.

Well, there is a whole lot to unravel this morning. The New York Daily News is reporting Trent Dilfer is expected to leave ESPN due to a salary dispute. That's interesting enough given that he would have likely been part of the Week 1 Monday Night Football crew with Chris Berman calling the 49ers-Rams opener. However, the folks at Niner Noise are hearing something altogether more curious:

It is entirely possible Dilfer does not join the 49ers front office, but given his connections with the organization, it certainly would not surprise me if this proved to be true. He has been tight with Jed York & Co. for some time now, and has even admitted he might be a bit of an apologist for the organization. Him ending up in the 49ers organization would not be surprising.

The question of course would be what kind of role that might entail. He has a lot of experience working with quarterbacks, so one option is in some kind of coaching role. We've also seen former players get into personnel roles, so maybe he ends up working for Trent Baalke. He could also just end up joining the organization in some kind of "legend" ambassador type of role. I think that last one is the least likely. My guess, if this proves true, is that he would be in the front office, as opposed to a coach.