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What is the worst 49ers jersey you could own?

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There have been some pretty awful 49ers in recent history, on and off the field. What's the worst jersey you could own? What's the worst you actually do own?

Lawrence Phillips #33

The San Francisco 49ers have a pretty awesome history, and we see it celebrated in the many great jerseys. Maybe you own a Joe Montana jersey, or maybe you go with Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott, Patrick Willis, or Joe Staley. The list goes on and on.

But how about the worst jersey you could own? And more importantly, the worst jersey you actually do own. For The Win put together a look at the most embarrassing jersey for every franchise. For the 49ers, they went with Kyle Williams. I suppose that could fall under embarrassing, but I think there are plenty of other options.

I had to include the picture of Lawrence Phillips above, even if it causes you to recoil. There's a short list for worst 49ers, and if he's not at the top, he's pretty close. Owning an O.J. Simpson jersey is not exactly a proud accomplishment, but I've actually seen people sporting them from time-to-time. Does anybody actually own a Lawrence Phillips 49ers jersey?

Kentwan Balmer would be up on this list, and maybe Jim Druckenmiller. How about Dexter Carter? We could find some quality names going back through the franchise's history.

I've generally avoided awful jerseys. At one point, the Alex Smith jersey I bought in 2005 seemed ready to get this distinction, but the remarkable turnaround in 2011 changed that. I don't wear my jerseys a lot, but I have Smith, Andy Lee, Patrick Willis, Deion Sanders (yep), and Joe Montana. I've generally tried to stick with solid all around players.

So forget the good jerseys, what's the worst 49ers jersey you've ever owned? Heck, what's the worst jersey of any sport you've ever owned?