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Get excited, the Pro Bowl is moving from Honolulu to Orlando

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I can't possibly be any more excited than I am right now.

The NFL is set to make a move with the Pro Bowl to Orlando, Florida, according to numerous reports. The game has usually taken place in Honolulu, but in recent years there have been attempts to move it around. Two years ago it took place in Glendale, Arizona, the same site as the Super Bowl. In 2010, the game took place in Miami, also the same city as the Super Bowl.

Orlando does not have a pro football team, and so the game would likely be played in the Citrus Bowl. The NFL would not comment on it, but did confirm that Orlando, Honolulu, Houston, and Sydney, Australia were all bidding on the game.

The NFL's annual Pro Bowl game is easily the least interesting of the four all star games. Some might disagree, but with the other three there is a certain amount of entertainment to make them interesting. With the NFL's all star game, a lot of players choose not to play, and those that do play are playing with modified rules, at seemingly half speed.

It sounds like there are some players that like getting the free trip to Hawaii for their family. Orlando does have Disney, but I'm skeptical that this would actually increase player attendance over a trip to Hawaii. In reality, they would probably just be best served eliminating the game. Of course, it still does decent enough ratings that it is likely going nowhere anytime soon.