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49ers-Seahawks NFC title game on NFL Network

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If I'm gonna be bummed out by a Friday tweet, you get to join me.

Fooch's Note: Site decorum is off

This makes me sad.

The 49ers were part of an epic rivalry, and it peaked with this game. The 2014 NFC title game did not turn out the way we all hoped, but there is something to be said for being part of that kind of game.

The Seahawks went on to destroy the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl, and this was one of those years where it felt like the conference title game was really the Super Bowl. The 49ers were going to be facing all sorts of injury questions for the Super Bowl had they beaten the Seahawks, but I still think the 49ers were going to be the superior team come Super Bowl time.

Who knows how it might have played out, but if I'm gonna be bummed out by a tweet on Friday, y'all get to join me.

Fooch's note: This came in shortly before publishing. Just gets better and better!