Why Colin Kaepernick's decline is overblown and how he can turn it around - CBS sport writer

I am going to be honest, I am a fan of Colin Kaepernick. Kaep was drafted by the 49ers and I want him to succeed. Dude is a hard worker, and always place himself in the line of fire when things goes wrong. There are a few folks on here with the wrong perception of us "Kaep Fans". No one on here is saying Kaep is elite. However, he does have elite talents and with the right CS and game plan, he will flourish. The same can be said just about any other QB. Elite QB are hard to come by and SB can be won with good QB.

Below is a great article by Sean Wagner-McGough from CBS Sport that pretty much sum up Kaep fairly. (click on the link below)

This is a great read with plenty of gif explaining the pros and cons and seem to be unbiased. I think most if not all of Kaep fans will agree with this article, and so will some of Kaep critics. Colin Kaepernick was never as good -- or as bad - as we thought

Kaep has a lot to improve as a QB. He himself know this very well. Reason why every off season he is working to improve his body, mind and mechanics. No one here is ignoring his weakness and his flaws but what is being ignored is his accomplishment. Hopefully after reading this, some of you Kaep critics can relax a little. We agree he is not elite, we agree he need to improve, BUT I disagree with a few folks that think he is not QB worthy (starter or not).

My English isn't very good and I apology for any mistake above. Just read the article would be enough.

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