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Golden Nuggets: OTAs are a wrap this week

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, May 21st 2016

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Good Morning! When I went and got our links for today, the first one that was interesting was something that came from Al Sacco and featured on 49ers WebZone, an article talking about how Colin Kaepernick could be the next Alex Smith. It's interesting because I see a lot of the infuriating things I saw in Alex Smith in Kaepernick last year.

Alex Smith showed  that good coaching makes a competent quarterback. Keep in mind, Smith was written off as one of the worst quarterbacks in 49ers history until Jim Harbaugh rolled along. Memories of the "We want Carr!" chants should be seeping into your minds at this point. Jerseys were burned, people booed, and all signs pointed to the 49ers and Smith going their separate ways in the 2011 offseason.

Then Jim Harbaugh showed up and Smith stuck around.

Sure Smith had trouble hitting wide receivers (that can easily be blamed on the lack thereof) and taking sacks, but he was a completely different quarterback when Harbaugh came along. And his transformation was what netted the 49ers a couple of high picks in a trade to Kansas City.

Colin Kaepernick could be following the same path. A quarterback who went through some difficult years. One with a terrible offensive line with decent coaching to an even worse offensive line, with even worse coaching behind it. The only argument is, some have thought Kap hit his ceiling long ago. I'm sort of at the middle. I wonder how good Kap is, bad offensive line or good offensive line, and how good is he if he needs such an elite cast around him to be good? These aren't statements, just thoughts that enter my head as I wonder about what I read. I guess we'll see now that some halfway decent coaching (at the very least) is there. Though he has Blaine Gabbert nipping at his heels, and the same arguments for Kap, can be made for Gabbert.

Let's get to the links:

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49ers OG Brandon Thomas & Ian Silberman Praised By Coach Flat: "That’s Pretty Good!" (Sakamoto)

49ers OLB Aaron Lynch Displays Violent Pass-Rush In Front Of Coach Azzinaro (Sakamoto)

What a horrible night to have a curse...