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Vernon Adams traded for a first round the CFL

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His odyssey to become a professional quarterback continues!

Undrafted rookie quarterback Vernon Adams apparently is a little more popular in Canada than he is in the United States! The BC Lions recently gained his negotiation rights. Adams was working with the team to come up with a deal, but a week later, his rights have been traded!

Yep, he was traded for a 2017 first round pick. Adams has said he will pursue a career in the CFL if he could not sign with an NFL team. He got a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks and Washington. Neither led to a contract, and so it is likely we will see him playing in Canada later this year.

I realize we should probably move on from Vernon Adams, but I am kind of getting a kick out of his journey to become a professional quarterback. We won't be doing a lot more on him, but stuff like this intrigues me on a Saturday morning.

Adams has plenty of confidence in himself, and I like that he is quickly switching gears to the CFL to see what he can do. It might take more than one or two good seasons to get a better shot in the NFL, but we'll see what he can do. Best of luck to him!