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Watch the 100 best plays from the 2015 NFL season

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Today has been a really quiet day, and I'm most definitely getting the football itch. We've still got a couple more weeks of OTAs, then minicamp, then a month and a half before training camp. I need me some football!

The video above is a fun compilation of one person's view of the top 100 plays from the 2015 NFL season. I'm sure one or two are missing, but all in all, it's a solid compilation. I took a look through the entire thing, and the San Francisco 49ers made three appearances. Two of them are negative, and two of them are positive.

  • 1:48 - Giants 4th quarter comeback win
  • 4:22 - Big Todd Gurley run
  • 4:32 - Blaine Gabbert scramble touchdown
  • 14:34 - Torrey Smith OT touchdown

Feel free to use this as an open thread for the rest of the day. I'm watching The Dream Team after just having watched Brewster's Millions. We'll see what the rest of the evening brings!