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49ers among most popular jersey colors in survey

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The folks at Reddit run a variety of surveys, and they recently put together an interesting one about uniform popularity. They asked respondents a pair of questions. One was a yes/no question, in which respondents were asked if they liked a team's jersey. The second question was to rate jerseys on a scale of 1-to-10. You can view the charts and raw data here.

The San Francisco 49ers ranked second on raw likability, and third on rivalry-corrected likability. The process involved averaging the yes and no votes, and then throwing out divisional votes. They found that divisional votes often were lower than other teams. It's interesting that the 49ers rivalry-corrected went down instead of up, but that appears to be due to a low vote from Raiders fans. No surprise there.

For the basic yes/no vote (we'll just call it the "hater" vote), the five lowest ratings belonged to the Arizona Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, Carolina Panthers, Seattle Seahawks, and Miami Dolphins. The Cardinals were a step above the rest in not liking the 49ers colors.

The 49ers ranked fourth in raw quality (1-to-10) rating, and fifth in rivalry-corrected. The five lowest ratings belonged to fans of the Oakland Raiders, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks, Miami Dolphins, and Philadelphia Eagles. I suppose Bengals fans are still pissy about the two Super Bowl losses.

The Oakland Raiders were a clean sweep at No. 1 in these votes. As much as some 49ers fans may dislike the Raiders, it's hard to not like the clean look of the silver and black. It's simple and it works. The Pittsburgh Steelers finished second in all but raw likability, finishing in a statistical third place tie. The Cleveland Browns were dead last across the board, with the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers right ahead of them in varying order.

Check out the full results here.