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Golden Nuggets: No 49ers news, but Raiders-Las Vegas stuff is interesting

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San Francisco 49ers links for May 23, 2016

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Good morning, 49ers fans! It was (thankfully) a quiet weekend for the team. They wrapped up their first set of OTAs last Thursday, and are back for more work on Tuesday. All indications are that nothing stupid happened over the weekend, so that's certainly a plus! Fingers crossed that remains the same the rest of the offseason.

One "downside" if you will to that is that there really wasn't a whole lot written about the team this weekend. With that in mind, I'm using today's Nuggets for a couple things. Down below, I've dropped in some links to a variety of video released over the past week. The first section includes Arik Armstead's sitdown with 49ers Studios, and then six player press conferences from OTAs. The second section includes college highlight videos compiled by the 49ers PR staff.

Unrelated to all that is some interesting news from late last week. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft thinks Las Vegas makes sense as the next NFL market if the Oakland Raiders want to move there. The Raiders have been in discussion with the city to build a stadium that would host them, UNLV football, and potentially an MLS expansion team. The most recent discussion involved Mark Davis contributing $500 million, Sheldon Adelson and the Las Vegas Sands Group contributing $150 million, and various tourism taxes going toward the remaining $700 million.

I grew up in Las Vegas, and still visit my brother and his family fairly frequently. And we all know the problems that brings with 49ers news! But seriously, while I'll remain a 49ers fan, I am very much intrigued by the idea of moving a team to my hometown. It is still a long ways away, particularly with the Nevada legislature holding off on a special session to deal with the tourism tax. Major players in Las Vegas, including MGM Resorts International, would prefer tourism taxes go toward a $1.4 billion expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center. That will need to be sorted out before anything gets done.

Player press conferences, interviews

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