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Ryan Fitzpatrick says he will play in 2016

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The New York Jets quarterback situation remains a bit of a mystery, but we have heard from free agent Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets starter in 2015, Fitzpatrick said he will play football this season, and negotiations are on-going. I would assume that means with the Jets, but who knows what is going on.

Fitzpatrick and the Jets have been unable to work out a new contract, and that has led to all sorts of speculation. Fitzpatrick briefly met with the Denver Broncos earlier this year, but nothing came of that. He has not been connected anywhere else, and at one point there was speculation he would retire if he could not get closer to the deal he wanted.

Fitzpatrick is coming off a career year, but considering he is 33, it is not surprising the Jets do not want to give him an extensive long-term deal. The team reportedly is offering in the $8 million to $10 million range, but we don't know exactly where things stand in that regard.

The Jets spent a second round pick on quarterback Christian Hackenberg, and their depth chart currently includes Hackenberg, Geno Smith, and Bryce Petty. I think eventually they get a deal done with Fitzpatrick, but it is hard to tell who will blink first on this.

There was speculation at one point early this offseason that Colin Kaepernick was interested in joining the Jets. Nothing ever came of that, and Kaepernick is now competing with Blaine Gabbert for the San Francisco 49ers starting QB job. The 49ers will host the Jets in a Week 14 matchup. Will Fitzpatrick be starting for them at that point? Will they just roll the dice on Hackenberg or Petty at some point? Or will we be wildly entertained by the return of Geno Smith?