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49ers spent third most in UDFA guaranteed money

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The San Francisco 49ers signed 12 undrafted free agents following the 2016 NFL Draft, and it appears they spent a sizable chunk of guaranteed money on them. ESPN's Field Yates is reporting the team spent $203,000 in guaranteed money for its UDFAs.

We do not have specifics yet on player spending, but we do know it is a slight boost from last year. In 2015, reports said the 49ers spent $160,000 in guaranteed money. That covers signing bonuses and any guarantees of base salary. There is a rule on maximum total signing bonus allocation, which is $92,021 this year. However, there is no rule on guaranteed base salary money, so teams can guarantee as much base salary as they want to get around that limitation.

We'll likely hear some rumblings about individual player guaranteed money in the coming days or weeks. Devon Cajuste and Darren Lake seem like guys who probably got a decent amount of money, but there are always some surprises when that info leaks out. Learning that info can give us a better handle on players that were potentially seeing greater demand for the services at the end of the draft.