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Super Bowls 53, 54, 55 awarded to Atlanta, South Florida, Los Angeles

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The NFL voted on three more Super Bowl host cities Tuesday afternoon, and we now know where things are settled through Super Bowl 55. The Atlanta Falcons new $1.4 billion stadium will host Super Bowl 53. The Miami Dolphins will host Super Bowl 54 after implementing $450 million in renovations for their stadium. The Los Angeles Rams will host Super Bowl 55 in what I can only imagine will be a ridiculously opulent stadium in Southern California.

New Orleans and Tampa were in the mix as well, and unfortunately New Orleans lost out. That means the Big Easy won't be hosting a Super Bowl again until at least 56, which would be in February 2022. New Orleans is a fun city to visit, and a perfect set-up for the Super Bowl. I went down for 49ers-Ravens, and was able to get access to everything fairly easily.

I'm curious if we ever see Levi's Stadium get another Super Bowl. There is some thought that it was a one-off, thanks for getting a new stadium type of deal. Having things split up all around the Bay Area was not exactly the perfect option. I do think having practices and media day down near the stadium and the social stuff in San Francisco made some sense, but I see why people did not like it.

Here are the sites for the next five Super Bowls:

Super Bowl 51, 2017: Houston

Super Bowl 52, 2018: Minnesota

Super Bowl 53, 2019: Atlanta

Super Bowl 54, 2020: South Florida

Super Bowl 55, 2021: Los Angeles