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Mike Sando offseason grades: 49ers grade is not surprising

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Mike Sando spoke with four of ESPN's "Insiders" to assess the San Francisco 49ers offseason. The grade is not all that surprising.

The offseason officially moved past the halfway point on Tuesday (yes, we're technically only halfway to the regular season!), and media outlets are continuing with their offseason grades. The latest grades comes courtesy of ESPN columnist and their last great NFC West blogger Mike Sando. He spoke with former GM Bill Polian, former player and team personnel executive Louis Riddick, former Buccaneers GM Mark Dominik, and Field Yates to assess the offseason for each team.

It is not all that surprising that Sando gave the 49ers a C. That seems to be a common grade, which I think is due in large part to not really knowing what to make of the Chip Kelly hiring. There are plenty of questions about the talent, which could justify a lower grade. However, while people might question Kelly in the NFL, I think they also are just curious enough to think there's a chance it works. And so, people are not entirely sure what to make of this team. I get it.

Here is what each of the analysts had to say about the 49ers.

Dominik: "They did nothing to improve their offense. Maybe Kelly is the improvement on that side of the ball, but they have not added players to help them score points for the last two years. Garnett does not look like an ideal fit for Kelly's offense. This is a team with a lot of holes that keeps adding holes."

Yates: "They could be in contention for a top-five pick, but they did not fool themselves by spending big to get to picks 7-11.

Riddick: "Buckner makes tons of sense. The corner from Mississippi State (Will Redmond) is a very, very, very good player who did not get a lot of attention. He can get after it. I love that pick. I like Jeff Driskel, a guy who could catch the league by surprise if he can maintain his composure when things go awry. Chip has loved everything he has seen from him to this point in the offseason. I also think Chip has learned some things from his time in Philly, which should help."

Polian: "I honestly don't know what they will be. I have no idea. It is just like Cleveland, where you really cannot know what it's going to look like. We need to see the finished product."