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49ers UDFA guaranteed money includes some surprises

The San Francisco 49ers gave out $203,000 in guaranteed money. Looking through the list there are a few interesting names that could have a strong shot at the practice squad.

The San Francisco 49ers tied the New York Giants for third most guaranteed money spent on undrafted free agents, and today, we have a better of how that money was spent. Our cap guru, Jason Hurley, has been able to learn the signing bonuses and guaranteed base salary each UDFA received.

Here is a rundown of the full UDFA class, ranked in order of total guaranteed money. That number is then split up between signing bonus and base salary guarantee.

  1. Alex Balducci, OL: $57,500 ($12,500 signing bonus, $45,000 base)
  2. Jason Fanaika, OLB: $50,000 ($15,000 signing bonus, $35,000 base)
  3. Devon Cajuste, WR: $25,000 ($10,000 signing bonus, $15,000 base)
  4. Blake Muir, OL: $20,000 ($5,000 SB, $15,000 base)
  5. Lenny Jones, OLB: $13,000 ($8,000 signing bonus, $5,000 base)
  6. John Lunsford, K: $10,000 ($5,000 signing bonus, $5,000 base)
  7. Bryce Treggs, WR: $8,000 ($8,000 signing bonus)
  8. Darren Lake, DT: $7,000 ($4,000 signing bonus, $3,000 base)
  9. Norman Price, OL: $5,000 ($5,000 signing bonus)
  10. Jered Bell, S: $2,500 ($2,500 signing bonus)
  11. Demetrius Cherry, DE: $2,500 ($2,500 signing bonus)
  12. Kevin Anderson, OLB: $2,500 ($2,500 signing bonus) - waived and replaced by Wynton McManis (likely the same amount)

The 49ers have enough cap space that they could release all of these players, and it would not be a big deal. However, Balducci and Fanaika would seem to be strong practice squad candidates right out of the gate. I say that because if they make it to the practice squad, that salary offsets the guaranteed base salary money.

Fanaika would seem to have a better shot at a 53-man roster spot given that Balducci is converting back to offensive line (where he played in high school). But clearly the 49ers have a significant interest in Balducci's potential as an offensive lineman. The same would seem to hold somewhat true for Muir and his $20,000.

The biggest surprise might be kicker John Lunsford getting $10,000 in guaranteed money. The 49ers signed Corey Acosta a year ago, and Jason does not think he got any guaranteed money. Could the team look to stash Lunsford on the practice squad for a year and develop him for the post-Phil Dawson era?