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Better Rivals Resources: Chip Kelly's Offense

It's slow news time. So why not get up to speed on Chip Kelly's offense?

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It’s a slow news week. It’s a slow NFL news month. Why not take the time to learn all you can about Chip Kelly’s offense? After extensively studying Chip Kelly’s Oregon and Philadelphia offenses we put together these four episodes to give you a comprehensive look into the new 49ers head coach. Episode 140 includes the author of The Tao of Chip Kelly, Mark Saltveit, on the show to dive deep into Kelly’s system. From there Episodes 141 through 144 delve into Kelly’s zone-based run game, preferred passing game concepts, and the importance of run-pass options. Install Kelly’s offense as the 49ers do, because we can only tease out meaning from June press conferences for so long.

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