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Trent Baalke celebrated Sharks Stanley Cup Final berth with GM Doug Wilson

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I would bet good money we have never seen Trent Baalke this excited. Maybe pissed off at games, but I don't think we've seen this kind of joy from him. But hey, when it comes to hockey, Baalke would appear to be a huge fan.

Wednesday evening, the San Jose Sharks beat the St. Louis Blues 5-2 to clinch a berth in the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals. They will face the winner of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Tampa Bay Lightning Eastern Conference final, which has a Game 7 later this evening at 5 p.m. PT. Check out our Sharks blog, Fear The Fin for more.

Trent Baalke is good friends with Sharks GM Doug Wilson, and he is frequently spotted taking in Sharks games with Wilson. Naturally, he was at Game 6 last night, and he enjoyed the Sharks big win. Cam Inman grabbed some video of the event, and like I said, he shows the kind of pure joy that fans know. We see reactions in the draft room, but we rarely see this kind of public display of emotion.

There are two highlights to this video. The first is just seeing the pure joy on Baalke's face. The second is when he goes in for the fist bump with Wilson. As is often the case with the fist bump, the excitement of the moment led to Baalke with the fist bump and Wilson with the high five. I think we can forgive them in the moment.