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Chip Kelly listed fairly high in one ranking of NFL head coaches

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The San Francisco 49ers decision to hire former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly raised plenty of eyebrows around the NFL and the media. Criticisms and praise have been all over the place, in part because of Kelly's two roles with the Eagles. He was hired as head coach, but gained a significant amount of personnel power at some point. His personnel decisions were all over the place, open to plenty of criticism. His coaching had its strengths and weaknesses as well, although I'd say there were more positives as a coach than as a personnel person.

Recently, the folks at For The Win put together a ranking of all 32 NFL head coaches, and they had Chip Kelly ranked No. 11. Here's the justification they had for the ranking:

We won’t punish Kelly the Coach for Kelly the General Manager’s decisions. He’s still one of the more innovative offensive coaches in the league and somehow managed to churn out yet another top-15 scoring offense despite all the Eagles’ issues. His 26-21 record is pretty impressive considering who he’s had at the quarterback position.

Things started off great in Philadelphia, but turned sour over the course of his three seasons. We've heard all the right things thus far from 49ers players. The practices seem more efficient, and Kelly and his coaching staff seem to be using a variety of techniques that will hopefully help the team.

A lot of rankings will list new head coaches at the bottom since they are in a new situation. That makes sense, but given that we do have a sample from which to work. The 49ers have a lot of questions, with quarterback foremost among them. Of course, considering what Chip Kelly did at times with Nick Foles and Sam Bradford, I suppose the 49ers quarterback position could be in much worse shape (more on that later today!).

For now, we are left to wait and see what the fall brings us. I imagine most comments and reports are going to be fairly positive as to how things are getting along between players and coaches. Now we just wait to see how it all executes in games that matter.