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Ray-Ray Armstrong talks 49ers defensive scheme, preparing as complement to Chip Kelly offense

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The San Francisco 49ers' linebacker talked about the competition for a starting role and what comes with prepping for a Chip Kelly offense. You can watch the full video here.

[Question isn't available but it's something about competing for the starting job]

Most definitely, I should be in every player’s minds to come out and compete for the starting job. Just trying to go out there and get better every day and push forward to that.

How do you feel in this defense and the spot that they have you?

I feel I have a lot to offer this defense for the inside linebacker job. Playing in the secondary in college, coverage kind of comes easy to me, and these past couple years I was playing linebacker and picking up on all the other schemes. IT has kind of helped me a lot for this one position.

Were you an inside back for the Raiders?

I actually played both.

So it’s not totally foreign?

No, it’s not.

What’s the scheme been like for you? In terms of picking it up and then installing it on the field?

It’s going pretty well. Just taking it day by day. We aren't installing it now, so we keep building the repetitions, keep going back and forth with the O-reps and the O-plays and keep repping it, so I'm picking it up pretty good.

Is the volume of the playbook quite large?

Not really, it's quite simple. There's a few checks here and there, but it's not too difficult.

How do you feel you compliment or mesh with Navarro Bowman when you're lining up next to him? As far as your skillset with his skillset?

I feel I compliment him well. I'm still learning from him as well, he's a dominant player in this league, so we kind of feed off each other. .

Can you talk about that relationship with Bowman and how he's a mentor?

Oh everyday, we learn something from Bow everyday. Just sitting in the film room and looking at the things he sees and why he can make the plays he makes because of certain situations the linemen present to him, or just getting head of the play by alignments and stuff like that. he kind of teaches me that.

How important is this phase? Obviously when you get into the regular season it's very structured--what happens every single day. This part of it, with a new coaching staff and all that how important is this, what you guys are doing right now?

I think it's very important. Just getting to know each other's theory, not getting to know the players, but getting to know the coaches as well. I feel like these past OTAs are going pretty well and everybody is picking up the pacing, getting the scheme so it's going well.

Is it a bigger thing just than X's and O's? Just kinda getting to know your teammates and all those kinds of things as well?

Oh yeah, Just getting to know the guy you're playing next to, it helps you on the field. You have a feel for the guy next to you, know where he's gonna be, certain plays, you know how he's gonna fit, where he's going to align in certain situations so that helps.

Compared to other coaches you've had, what's Chip Kelly been like. Jim O'Neil said he's in the defensive meeting room a bunch.

Oh yeah, he's an offensive minded coach and he's always in the meeting room. So he's back and forth and he has a hand in both sides.

Speaking up a lot in those meeting rooms too? On defense?

He's just sitting in the back and observing.

Can you talk about your offensive preparation being on defense that's working out with a Chip Kelly offense?

Chip Kelly, a lot of running. You gotta get in shape. It's rapid fire, but offseason training, just getting in shape and knowing it's going to be fast. So gotta do a lot of running.

As fast as you thought it would be?

Oh its actually faster than what I expected. I never played against an offense that fast.