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Golden Nuggets: Tramaine Brock is doing some yoga

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San Francisco 49ers links for May 27, 2016.

Good morning! The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up their second set of OTAs on Thursday, and will host their third and final set starting next Tuesday. The 49ers had an open Wednesday practice, while Thursday was closed.

There's not a lot of news from yesterday, but Tramaine Brock had something interesting. He chatted with the staff, and he revealed that he took up yoga this offseason. Every so often we'll hear about a player trying out something new to help them prep for the season. Brock said it helps with flexibility and stamina. Considering he might be spending a lot more time on the field this year, extra stamina is certainly a plus.

Brock did not clarify which type of yoga he was doing. Several years ago, I tried Bikram Yoga for two weeks. That's the one where you're in a really hot room doing the yoga. Aside from being in a stinky room, it was actually pretty good, and I felt like it was a good workout of sorts. I stopped though because I prefer moving around and not just standing there doing poses. I'm more of a runner. But, more power to Tramaine!

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