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Ahmad Brooks provides update on injury status

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We still don't know what the injury is, but everyone seems pretty calm about it.

The San Francisco 49ers have had outside linebacker Ahmad Brooks sideline in team activities, but there have been some updates on his status. On Wednesday, defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil was asked about Brooks' status, and he said, “He’s just doing walk-thrus right now. We’re hoping that we can get something out of him by the end of the spring here.”

On Friday, Matt Maiocco was able to get a statement from Brooks by way of the 49ers.

If he returns by the end of camp, I suppose we can agree it is "nothing big," but in the meantime we'll have to wait. We have not heard any leaks about procedures or other issues, so I am inclined to think it is probably not a big deal.

The most notable thing about this would be that it gives Eli Harold a leg up in learning the new defense. They are both learning the playbook in the class room, but Harold is getting first team reps in the on-field implementation. Additionally, it means more reps for Tank Carradine, Marcus Rush, Jason Fanaika, and Lenny Jones.