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Antoine Bethea mentions Bruce Ellington as WR standing out

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I'll take any positives I can get right now!

The San Francisco 49ers have had two OTAs open to the media, and will have one more next week. That's three out of nine sessions, so we are only getting a fairly limited look at what is going on during the offseason workout program. That being said, the media availability can occasionally provide some useful tidbits.

On Wednesday, strong safety Antoine Bethea met with the media, and was asked which wide receivers are standing out on the practice field thus far. He specifically mentioned Bruce Ellington, and also mentioned Jerome Simpson.

I would say right now Bruce Ellington is having a great offseason. He's moving well, catching the ball, putting himself in a position to get a ball in his hand. Jerome Simpson, I can kind of go down the line with guys on that side of the ball doing a lot of good things.

Working out in helmets, jerseys, and shorts only holds so much value in the bigger picture. But positive news is certainly a plus at this point. He could be the kind of unique weapon that excels in Chip Kelly's offense, so potentially impressing in practice is certainly a step in right direction.

The wide receiver position is going to feature extensive competition with Anquan Boldin out of the picture. Ellington has the skillset to potentially be able to move up to a variety of positions, as we have even seem him come out of the backfield in the past. I think DeAndre Smelter or Eric Rogers will be the strongest competition for Quinton Patton at the traditional starting outside spot opposite Torrey Smith. However, Ellington could be the guy who ends up as productive as any of them in this offense.