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Chip Kelly was once in a UPS commercial while Oregon Ducks head coach

This video is pretty random, but I suppose for purposes of endorsements it makes some sense. This is the first time I've seen Chip Kelly in any sort of endorsement. Maybe we'll see more with the 49ers, but if not, we can at least enjoy his discussion of the importance of logistics.

At one point in the commercial he mentions running a play every 13 seconds. Earlier this week, Matt Maiocco reported that the 49ers ran a play roughly every 20 seconds over the course of eight minutes in OTAs. It will be interesting to see how fast they run in the preseason, and then again when the regular season gets here. Everybody has said the offense is running faster than anything they've ever played in. I imagine it will be a little more than every 13 seconds given the complexity of NFL defenses over college defenses, but I imagine it won't be too far off.