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Golden Nuggets: Happy belated birthday to Garrett Celek!

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San Francisco 49ers links for May 30, 2016

Good morning, and happy Memorial Day. Obviously different people recognize the day in different ways. It's solemn remembrance for some, while others obviously view it in more of the holiday context. Whatever the case, I hope everyone has a good day.

Things remain quiet for the 49ers. Yesterday, was Garrett Celek's birthday. He turned 28, and signed a four-year contract earlier this offseason. Not a bad year for him thus far. And with Vernon Davis out of the picture, there are plenty of opportunities for the tight ends in Chip Kelly's offense. Will this be a breakout year for Celek? He's struggled with various injuries over the years. He missed some time late last season with an ankle injury. In 2014, a back injury cost him most of the season on the PUP list. This is kind of a big year

And given that it's Celek's birthday, let's look at his hopefully soon to be patented two hand celebration spike!

It was a quiet weekend (thankfully), so we don't have a whole lot in today's links. If you stumble across anything of interest, be it 49ers or general NFL, drop it in the comments. We won't have our normal busy Monday of content (barring breaking news), but we'll have stuff for those of you hanging around the Interwebz. And we'll have an open thread later tonight for the Sharks and Warriors playoff action!

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