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David Shaw addresses 49ers job rumors

The 49ers were connected to the Stanford head coach this offseason, but that was quickly shot down. David Shaw addressed the rumors again last week.

Stanford head coach David Shaw has found great success in the college ranks, and naturally this has led to numerous rumors about a future NFL career. This offseason, we heard some rumors the 49ers were interested in interviewing him, but they were quickly shot down.

Initially, Jason Cole reported that a high level 49ers source told him the team expected to interview Shaw during their hiring process. That was quickly shot down by San Jose Mercury News college writer Jon Wilner. He said a source told him Shaw had no plans to interview with the 49ers. This followed an earlier Ian Rapaport tweet (prior to Cole's report) that said Shaw would stick at Stanford, likely even if the 49ers and/or Colts jobs were available.

Earlier today, our friends at Rule of Tree came across some video of David Shaw discussing the 49ers rumors. Here's what he had to say about them.

"Honestly, I never talked to anybody from the 49ers. No job was ever offered, there was never an interview process. Every year, I chuckle at the rumors. There was one point where I got a text from, a year ago, last year from one of my coaches, I was in an in-home visit up in Oregon, and one of my coaches text me ‘Where are you?' I said, 'I'm at our guy's house, where I said I was going to be at.' ‘Oh, there's a rumor that you are on a plane that just touched down in Kansas City.' I said, ‘Really? What was I wearing?' The coaching rumor mill, it goes crazy every year. I can say without hesitation and 100 percent honesty since I've taken this job, I have not interviewed for another job from anybody else. I have not talked to anybody about any jobs, and I don't plan on."

None of this means Jason Cole's report was actually inaccurate. The 49ers very well could have expected to interview Shaw, and then been quickly shot down. At the same time, team sources do seem to use Cole to get information out there even if it is not always accurate. So, make of it what you will. Whatever the case, Shaw is going nowhere for the time being.