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Anthony Davis still tweeting, deleting about 49ers return

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It never ends.....

The Anthony Davis saga, or whatever you want to call it, continues to roll along. The retired San Francisco 49ers right tackle replied to someone's tweet on Sunday evening that he was still coming back to the 49ers. AD subsequently deleted the tweet. Our friends at @49ershub grabbed this screenshot. It does not include a date, but Alex's tweet was from yesterday.

Anthony Davis tweet

I continue to operate under the assumption that Anthony Davis will not return to the 49ers until we actually get a report that he formally fired reinstatement paperwork. And yet we keep seeing these tweets coming and going.

If Davis does actually return, it seems like any potential return would not be until after the close of the offseason workout program. Does he expect to move back into the starting lineup quickly? Maybe he figures he can get past Erik Pears, Trenton Brown, and the fifth round picks with relative ease. Or maybe he's just playing games and playing around with fans. Given all the time he is missing to learn Chip Kelly's offense, the whole thing is kind of odd.