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Jed York apparently uses the same San Francisco gym as Dion Jordan

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This is one of the more random things I've seen in some time. Miami Dolphins defensive end Dion Jordan is applying for reinstatement following a year-long suspension for a violation of the NFL's PED policy. Earlier today, USA Today published an interview they recently had with Jordan. He talked about what went down with his last failed test, and not wanting to waste his next opportunity.

However, the most randomly interesting part of the article focused on the gym he is using to stay in shape. Jordan is working out at a place called Empower. He works with a guy named Tareq Azim, who founded Empower. According to the article, the gym hosts MMA fighters, a pro cyclist, employees of tech companies, and San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York.

I suppose it really doesn't mean much of anything, but I still found it mildly fascinating. Everyone obviously wants to know the kind of gym that hosts York, right? And why not share it on a quiet Monday?