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Alex Smith wore a Super Bowl 47 sweatshirt for paint-balling

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Super Bowl merchandise can be great when a team takes home the Lombardi Trophy, but that merchandise holds considerably less value when your team loses. I was in New Orleans for Super Bowl 47, and given how much merchandise was on sale, I have to think most San Francisco 49ers fans who were there for the game have merchandise they probably have not worn in a while.

Players on the participating teams likely receive a lot of merchandise while in town for the game, and former 49ers quarterback Alex Smith found good use for some of his. He was out paint-balling over the Memorial Day weekend, and a Chiefs fan spotted him.

As you can see in this picture, Smith is sporting a Super Bowl 47 sweatshirt. And man does it look in rough shape. I can already picture Smith having used the sweatshirt for some work around the house, maybe while he's out cleaning his car during a cold Kansas City winter. So why not use it for a round of paintball?

I actually did not buy any Super Bowl 47 merchandise while I was in New Orleans. I have some 49ers colored beads I got for free somewhere, but I figured I would wait until after the win to potentially buy some gear. So much for that. Did anybody buy merchandise before the Super Bowl? If so, how are you using it?