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Colin Kaepernick has resumed throwing a 'bit'

It is a slow process, but Colin Kaepernick continues his progress back to the field.

The San Francisco 49ers are continuing phase 2 of their offseason workout program this week, and Matt Barrows had an interesting update on Tuesday. A source told him that Colin Kaepernick has begun throwing a "bit", and "doctors are expected to clear him by the end of the month or soon thereafter."

That timeline fits in with what we've heard much of the offseason. Back in early April, Mindi Bach reported that Kaepernick needed at least one more month before he would be football ready. The team continues through phase 2 of the offseason workout program, and will move into phase 3 in a couple weeks. That phase includes OTAs, and most importantly, offense vs. defense drills are allowed.

Right now, the 49ers can do "perfect play" drills, which is all offense or all defense, but not both at the same time. Kaepernick has been spotted shadowing the other quarterbacks. He runs the drills behind them without actually throwing a ball. It gives him a chance to learn the offense on the field even as he continues to rehab his shoulder. It leaves him modestly behind the other quarterbacks, but it's certainly better than where Sam Bradford is in learning Doug Pederson's offense while holding out.