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49ers sign Michael Wilhoite to 1-year contract

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This is basically just a formality.

The San Francisco 49ers took care of some business on Wednesday, signing inside linebacker Michael Wilhoite to a one-year contract. The team tendered him back on March 8, but had not actually gotten a signed contract. He has been participating in the offseason workout program after signing a waiver.

Wilhoite was a restricted free agent, and the team had placed an original round tender on him. Since he signed as an undrafted free agent, that meant if he signed with another team, they would not have to give up a draft pick. That would seem to indicate there was not much interest on the open market. Or at least there was not much interest at whatever price point Wilhoite's agent was shopping. I don't recall any reports about Wilhoite meeting with teams, so at this point he will just hit unrestricted free agency next spring.

Wilhoite will compete with Gerald Hodges for the starting ILB spot alongside NaVorro Bowman. The 49ers did not draft any linebackers, so the team seems prepared to head into camp with these two as the primary options. The 49ers acquired Hodges via trade early last season, and he too is signed through the 2016 season. Hodges recently switched agents, signing with Drew Rosenhaus. Hodges can sign a new deal this offseason as a 2013 draft pick, and Rosenhaus has a good relationship with the 49ers front office. It will be interesting to see if they get a deal done before the offseason. That would certainly tip us in the direction of Hodges at ILB.