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NaVorro Bowman talking rookies, player fashion, Warriors

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The 49ers Studio crew conducted an interview with NaVorro Bowman on Wednesday, and you can watch it above as they cross-promoted it on Facebook Live (skip over the first minute, which is a generic 49ers screen). We've done some Facebook Live videos at the NN Facebook page, and it's been a lot of fun. Ours are interactive, where as this was more just hosting the interview itself.

Either way, it was a fun interview with Bowman. He got a chance to weigh in on the draft class, although he only really paid attention during the first round. I suppose that worked out well since DeForest Buckner will be in front of him, clearing space. He also talked about player fashion, the Warriors current run, and even answered a few trivia questions about himself. It's a fun video, so give it a watch.