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Golden Nuggets: Wilhoite gets another year

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Thursday, May 5th 2016

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Good morning! I noticed something rather interesting in this year's draft. Something reminiscent of a time long ago. I'm talking about the year 1981, in the year prior, the 49ers secondary was notoriously bad. Randy Cross said that they went through over "Thirty-something defensive backs". So what did Bill Walsh do? What Bill Walsh does.

Round 1: Ronnie Lott.

Round 2: Eric Wright

Round 3: Carlton Williamson

In the America's Game episode with the 1981 49ers, Dwight Clark says something along the lines of "Bill Walsh went and got his secondary all at once".  Obviously, this draft class is a bit different. For one thing, besides Will Redmond,  the cornerbacks weren't taken in the first three rounds, they were taken in the later rounds. For another, these dudes have some question marks, though I don't know what Wright or Williamson's draft cards looked like so maybe they had similar evaluations. Still, I liked how Baalke pulled a Walsh and went to get a secondary all at once. Though our current crop of cornerbacks isn't bad (badly coached, yes), that secondary battle will be one to watch for in 2016. Let's see if this defense can again be elite.

Let's get to the links:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...