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Jeff Driskel, Kelvin Taylor agree to terms on 49ers rookie contracts

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It would appear the first two 49ers rookie contracts are completed.

It sounds like the San Francisco 49ers have started getting some work done on their rookie contracts. Rand Getlin reported the team has signed running back Kelvin Taylor, while Aaron Wilson seemed to imply the team has agreed to terms with quarterback Jeff Driskel.

Rookie contracts are no longer the long, complicated process they used to be. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement put in a rookie wage scale that locked in virtually every contract to pre-determined numbers. There is negotiation room on offsets and a few other things, but for the most part, the deals are fairly formulaic.

We'll have more on these contracts as details arrive, but Jason from Over The Cap has some preliminary numbers on rookie contracts. Additionally, both players can earn additional money through the proven performance escalator. That was added in the 2011 CBA, and is based entirely on snap count. You can read more about that here.

Jeff Driskel

Signing bonus: $112,540
2016 cap #: $478,135
2017 cap #: $568,135
2018 cap #: $658,135
2019 cap #: $748,135

Kelvin Taylor

Signing bonus: $100,352
2016 cap #: $475,088
2017 cap #: $565,088
2018 cap #: $655,088
2019 cap #: $745,088