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BREAKING: Trent Baalke will not be attending Beyonce concert at Levi's Stadium

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Thursday that Beyonce will be hosting a second concert at Levi's Stadium in September, with the show set for September 17. Beyonce already has a show set for May 16. General manager Trent Baalke was asked about the concert in his recent KNBR interview with Murph & Mac, and he confirmed he will not be attending the concert. I'm disappointed Murph and Mac did not ask his opinion about Lemonade.

This new date is the day before the 49ers Week 2 road game against the Carolina Panthers. The 49ers travel to face the Panthers on September 18, and then head up to Seattle to face the Seahawks on September 25. They return to host the Dallas Cowboys on October 2.

Baalke said he is not concerned about the field conditions. The field had a lot of problems the first season, but it was generally pretty good in year two. The two most notable issues once the regular season arrived was Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker sinking into a divot, and Michael Oher appearing to be on ice skates in pass protection. The latter could be explained by the tarp placed on the field the day before the game. The former cannot really be explained, but hopefully was just a one-off incident.