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Michael Crabtree: 'Who would have thought that Jeremy Maclin would be a fit for Alex Smith'

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Neither player is with the 49ers anymore, but I still found this interesting.

NFL Network has begun their countdown of the Top 100 players, which is voted on by some unknown number of players, and has never really made a ton of sense. That being said, it always provides for some interesting discussion fodder.

The show released the first ten on the list Wednesday evening. The San Francisco 49ers are not represented, but we did get a couple ex-49ers mentioned. Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jeremy Maclin came in at No. 93. In the accompanying video, Michael Crabtree was one of the players discussing Maclin. In his comments, he actually had this to say:

Who would have thought that Jeremy Maclin woulda been a good fit for Alex Smith. Them guys hitting it off like that, it's chemistry, man. Great fit.

I don't think he's dogging Smith with this comment, but it was still an interesting one. Crabtree was a solid receiver for Smith, but Maclin is the best receiver Smith has had. Maclin put up 1,088 yards on a career-high 87 receptions. I imagine he'll put together another solid year with another offseason working with Smith and head coach Andy Reid.

Here are the first ten players from the rankings, with links to their videos if you want to watch them. The rankings themselves are nonsense, but the videos are pretty cool.

91: Travis Kelce
92: Andrew Luck
93: Jeremy Maclin
94: Gary Barnidge
95: Mike Daniels
96: Sammy Watkins
97: Richie Incognito
98: Jarvis Landry
99: Cameron Jordan
100: Derek Carr