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Throwback Thursday: The 49ers, the Patriots, and an extremely fun 2012 Sunday Night Football

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A fun and exciting game that established San Francisco as the team to beat in 2012

Normally, I would wait to post these kinds of games until the week the San Francisco 49ers square off against the New England Patriots in the 2016 season, but full games in the NFL don't last long, so I don't think this video has much time before the DMCA biscuits yank it down.

A little background here. The 49ers came into this Sunday Night Football contest with the best defense in the NFL. The Patriots came into it with the best offense. The result? TV gold. Colin Kaepernick showed up huge, laying dimes all over the field, especially with the first touchdown pass to Randy Moss, a former Patriot. Though a lot of those dimes came courtesy of the elements and New England's sudden infatuation with turning over the ball. Even Aldon Smith of all people, a person better known for his pass rush talents than his coverage skills, managed to pick off Tom Brady of all people.

Speaking of that defense, they were flat scary...that is until Justin Smith went down in the 3rd quarter. Which gave Tom Brady more than enough time to rally for a series of touchdowns. While the 49ers were looking to blow what would have been one of the most impressive road wins in 10 years, Kaepernick put the team on his back and put a stop to all this comeback nonsense within 30 seconds of New England tying it up.

This is just a fun game to watch, especially if you're a 49ers fan. The fake punt, the fumble for a touchdown, the momentum. Great game, fun game. The only downside is we were licking our wounds when we went to Seattle the very next week.

That didn't go near as well on Sunday Night Football.

Note: You may need to actually go to the YouTube link to watch this as it may not be available to watch here, depending on where you live.