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49ers draft pick John Theus signs rookie contract

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A third draft pick has signed. Look for more to come.

The San Francisco 49ers have inked another draft pick to a rookie contract. Offensive tackle John Theus signed his deal Thursday afternoon. Earlier in the day, we heard that Jeff Driskel and Kelvin Taylor both signed their rookie deals as well.

Most of these deals will likely get done this weekend. The deals for DeForest Buckner and Joshua Garnett might take a little longer if there are questions about offset money, but for the most part, the contracts are fairly fomulaic.

Theus comes in to compete with Fahn Cooper and a whole boatload of offensive linemen. The 49ers seem to have their starting line fairly well set, but I am curious to see how much Theus and/or Cooper are able to push Trenton Brown. It is possible the 49ers try and work one or both of the draft picks inside to guard, but both played tackle in college. I could see them both getting opportunities to work inside and outside to build up some versatility.

Here are the projected numbers for Theus' contract.

Signing bonus: $257,612
2016 cap #: $514,403
2017 cap #: $604,403
2018 cap #: $694,403
2019 cap #: $784,403