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49ers release K Corey Acosta

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The San Francisco 49ers made their first roster move since the draft.

The San Francisco 49ers have started making roster moves to clear space for their UDFA class. The team has released kicker Corey Acosta. The second year kicker confirmed this on his Twitter account Friday evening. I have heard that aside from Acosta, the 49ers are expected to release three more players. I can't confirm the names right now, but we should hear a final announcement later today.

Acosta's release is not surprising. Phil Dawson signed a fully guaranteed 1-year deal, and the team is adding rookie kicker John Lunsford from Liberty. Acosta was solid last preseason, but Lunsford brings a big leg. His accuracy wasn't consistent in college, but he'll basically provide a camp leg. Dawson will get work in, but Lunsford will afford him the chance to save his leg a bit.

The 49ers have their first practice of rookie minicamp later today. I imagine we hear the final names released and signed before that practice gets started.