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USA Today ranks 49ers among worst offseasons, declares Jaguars offseason champs

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The 49ers offseason is being panned by a lot of folks. It likely could all come down to how Chip Kelly works out, and what happens with the quarterback situation. So, we're kind of left waiting.

The 2016 NFL offseason is close to a wrap as far as personnel acquisitions go. The close of the draft means the bulk of 90-man rosters are settled for training camp. We'll see end of the roster players get released, with the 49ers expected to release a handful of players on Friday. However, for the most part, 90-man rosters are close to set. And that means we can start declaring who is an offseason champ, and who is an offseason dude.

Over at USA Today, Nate Davis ranked all 32 offseasons, and it is no surprise the 49ers finished fairly far down the list. Davis ranked their offseason No. 30, ahead of only the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos. The Patriots are so low because of the reinstatement of Tom Brady's suspension, and Jerod Mayo's retirement.  The Broncos are at the bottom because of that slightly questionable quarterback position, the losses of Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan, and the questions surrounding Von Miller's contract.

Here's what Davis had to say about the 49ers, focusing entirely on the offense:

They're banking that Chip Kelly 2.0 is a better coach than the one the Eagles couldn't wait to divorce. But it won't be easy for Kelly to revive an offense that scored the fewest points in the league after GM Trent Baalke sat on $50 million in cap space added little firepower in the draft. And can the strained marriage with QB Colin Kaepernick survive, much less thrive again, after the team agreed to trade him to the Broncos?

The 49ers were quiet in free agency, but to a certain extent, it all comes down to what Chip Kelly and his coaching staff will bring to the table. Any team with a new coach is a bit of an incomplete when it comes to ranking or grading offseasons. The 49ers offseason is as big an incomplete as any considering the fact that Kelly is replacing Jim Tomsula. The 49ers coaching staff was awful last season. Kelly could flame out, but odds seem at least decent that he will be a significant improvement over Tomsula and company.

The quarterback situation is the biggest question at this point, but I'll take questions there with Kelly over questions there with Tomsula's staff any day of the week.

The Jacksonville Jaguars get USA Today's offseason champs crown, finishing just ahead of the Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans. They point to the Jaguars addition of Malik Jackson in free agency, along with safety Tashaun Gipson and cornerback Prince Amukamara, as well as landing DB Jalen Ramsey and ILB Myles Jack in the draft.

The Los Angeles Rams were the top NFC West team, finishing fourth. They discuss some of their free agency moves, but it all comes down to trading up for Jared Goff at the No. 1 pick. It's interesting they seem to declare that a success before Goff has even hit the field. It could work out great, but given the draft capital given up to move to No. 1, it will be interesting to see how we view this deal three or four years from now.