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Todd McShay 2017 mock draft provides early Football Outsiders record projection for 49ers

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This is actually a slightly useful mock draft as it includes preliminary Football Outsiders win total projections. Well, the order of them, not the full numbers.

Earlier this week, I posted Dan Kadar's 2017 NFL mock draft, which gave us a chance to look at what the 49ers might have to address a year from now when the draft rolls back around. A mock for a year from now holds little value in that regard, but it can raise some interesting discussion points.

On Thursday, Todd McShay released his 2017 mock draft, and it raises a better discussion point. The draft order in McShay's mock draft was generated using Football Outsiders' early win projections for 2016. FO will release those numbers in full with their Almanac later this summer, but for now, they provided McShay with an early look. McShay's mock does not include the specific win total projections, like he did last year, but we can at least guesstimate where things stand.

McShay has the San Francisco 49ers holding the second pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, behind the Cleveland Browns. Last year, FO win totals had the top three picks with a 5-11 record. The No. 1 pick will likely finish with a record worse than that, but that's where things stand for now. Around the NFC West, FO has the Seahawks picking No. 28, and the Cardinals picking No. 32. The Rams are not included since they dealt away their first round pick, but I'm guessing they are somewhere just right near the top ten, either just under or just over.

For those wondering about McShay's actual pick, he joins Dan Kadar in mocking Miami QB Brad Kaaya to the 49ers. Here's what he has to say about the pick:

Listed at 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, Kaaya will have to bulk up to withstand the pounding in the NFL, but he's a tough competitor. You can tell watching him play that he's very smart and processes information quickly. He has the tools to develop and shows good touch/timing as a passer. If the 49ers are picking this high -- remember: I didn't set the order -- they're likely still in need of a quarterback upgrade.