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DeForest Buckner signs 49ers rookie contract, per report

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The 49ers are getting their rookies signed quickly. We break down the projected salary cap numbers for DeForest Buckner.

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have DeForest Buckner signed and ready to get going. NFL Network reporter Rand Getlin tweeted that he is hearing the defensive tackle has signed his rookie contract. The 2011 collective bargaining agreement made this all a lot easier, creating a rookie wage scale that gets most players signed shortly after the draft.

Here is a rundown of the projected numbers for the deal, courtesy of Over The Cap. A year ago, Arik Armstead's contract did not include any roster or workout bonuses, but we'll see if there are any changes with the higher first round pick.

Signing bonus: $11,429,812
2016 cap #: $3,307,453
2017 cap #: $4,134,316
2018 cap #: $4,961,179
2019 cap #: $5,788,042

The 49ers also hold a fifth year option on Buckner. The 49ers do not need to decide whether or not to exercise that option until spring 2019. Since Buckner was a top ten pick, his option year salary would equal the Transition Tender that applies in the 2019 League Year for players at the same position at which Buckner participated in the most plays during the 2018 League Year.