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Prince Charles Iworah explained the background of his name

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It's a pretty simple explanation. The question now is what to make of the raw athlete.

A week ago, the San Francisco 49ers spent a seventh round draft pick on cornerback Prince Charles Iworah. The rookie met with the media this week at minicamp, and had a chance to explain his name. Chris Biderman got the full quotation here.

His parents struggled to get pregnant, and once they did, they went with Prince Charles because they thought he would be great. His family is from Nigeria, and at one point the country was part of the British empire. I'm guessing that influenced this to some extent. His hometown is listed as Nashville, however.

Iworah is an intriguing prospect. He is considered very raw in terms of cornerback skills, but some of his raw tools are off the charts. He did not take part in the NFL Combine, but here are some of his numbers from his Pro Day. I've put what his Combine rank would have been had he participated in parenthesis:

40-yard dash: 4.34 seconds (t-2nd)
Vertical: 38 1/2 inches (t-6th)
Broad jump: 10 feet, 8 inches (6th)
Short shuttle: 4.52 seconds (last)
3-cone: 7.12 seconds (26th)
Bench: 25 reps of 225 pounds (1st)

It's kind of all over the place. He's got strength and speed, but there are enough questions that he would seem to be a strong candidate for the practice squad. Trent Baalke said the team first noticed him at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl. They decided to check him out further at the Western Kentucky Pro Day, and he obviously stood out to some extent.

When the preseason gets here, I would expect one of two things from the 49ers with Iworah. Either they will play him a ton to see how he is developing as a cover corner, or he gets very few defensive snaps so the team can stash him on the practice squad.