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DL Ronald Blair talks about why he may have fell in the draft

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The picks came fast and furious for the 49ers on day three of the draft and as a result, the media didn't get a chance to talk to DL Ronald Blair until rookie minicamp.

The San Francisco 49ers used their first pick of the fifth round on Appalachian State's DL Ronald Blair. He is the 'swiss army knife' type of player that Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke love. Blair talked to DL Coach Jerry Azzinaro who expressed what type of role he may have with the organization.

He talked about the possibility that I could be everywhere on the D-line," Blair said. "So we'll see how that goes. He says he has a plan for me. We haven't discussed that plan yet.

Blair has played in all positions on the DL, even nose tackle. and says he just 'loves playing D line,' He isn't against playing at linebacker either, he did LB drills at both the combine and his pro day.

Blair who was 6'2 and 284 at the combine shed a few pounds for his pro day and usually plays around 275. That extra weight was mentioned as a negative in his draft profile. He was projected as a 3rd round pick prior to the draft but mentioned a strained hamstring during the combine as a possible reason for his fall to the 5th round. It may have hurt him in the draft, but he felt the need to do the work instead of sitting out because of the injury.

I think I didn't look like myself in the combine because I was running around with a limp hamstring so people might have thought 'the weight made him look slower.' I just didn't want to be one of those guys who sat out all of the work outs. I wanted to show people what I could do in front of them. It wasn't my best foot [forward] but I think I did a good workout but it just wasn't what people was expecting out of me.

Blair did, however, have 32 reps on the 225 lb. bench press which was the second best of all DL and 4th highest at the combine.

Named Sun Belt Conference Defensive Student-Athlete of the year, Blair led the conference with 19 TFL (tied for 12th nationally) and ranked second in the league with 7.5 sacks, two of those sacks in their game versus Clemson. He may lack the size of a defensive end, but he uses lateral quickness and arm length to his advantage.