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Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert in open competition for starting job, Jeff Driskel not part of it

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The San Francisco 49ers starting job is up for grabs and no man has an advantage going in.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

In case you didn't know, the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers hasn't been decided upon. That decision comes with Kaepernick v. Gabbert. We all knew that was coming, but ESPN's Adam Caplan dropped a few more specifics on the upcoming competition. Mainly that it's between Kaepernick and Gabbert.

That means no Jeff Driskel. They like him, but the chances of him coming out on top are small. Not really anything disappointing, that was expected anyways. If you don't want to take a look at the video above, here's what Caplan had to say:

"What they are going to do is simply this: If Kaepernick is ready to go, and everything I've heard says that he is, or will be, by the start of training camp, it's going to be Blaine Gabbert vs Colin Kaepernick, let the best man win. It's going to be an open competition and I do want to mention one more guy, they really like Jeff Driskel their 6th round pick, really athletic quarterback with a tremendous in senior bowl week he'll play for the three-spot"

This really is kind of redundant at this point. We all knew it was going to come down to Kap v. Gabbert, but it's interesting that Jeff Driskel isn't going to be considered for this open competition. Not surprising. You have two QBs with starting experience and a rookie that needs to figure out the speed of the game. They have no need to speed Driskel up for the coming season. Instead Driskel will be battling with Thad Lewis not for the starting gig, but for a roster spot that may or may not be available.

This won't be Kaepernick's first competition for a starting job. When Jim Harbaugh was first hired in 2011, he put Kaepernick and Alex Smith into a competition for the starting job which Alex Smith won. If you saw Kaepernick's performance during the preseason of his rookie campaign, you'd definitely see why. The two would have another competition the following year after Smith returned from a concussion and Kaepernick did well during his debut, Kaepernick wrestled the starting job from Smith in practice and the team went to the Super Bowl that year.

Probably the more interesting thing to take from this isn't the parameters of the starting job. We kind of knew that already, what is interesting is Kaepernick's rehab. Kaepernick was on a 4-6 month scheduled rehab for an injury sustained during the 2015 season. Caplan noted that it's past month six.