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Will Redmond joins all 49ers rookies for minicamp

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The ACL issues for the San Francisco 49ers 3rd round draft pick may not be as hindering as we thought

Matt Barrows reports that the San Francisco 49ers rookie minicamp began on Saturday and all the rookies were on the field to begin their transition to the NFL level, this includes 3rd round selection, cornerback Will Redmond. Redmond was a bit of a question mark as he joined 49ers general manager Trent Baalke's often mocked draft picks who have had issues with their knee. Until now, it was expected those rookies would ultimately be stashed away on IR until the next season.

The 49ers have had plenty of ACL All Stars, but they usually are slow coming around. Redmond and Baalke both said he would be ready for training camp, so this is a good sign. It is worth noting he did not take part in all team drills. He showed up for the earlier drills and then went to do some conditioning work, but it backs up Baalke's statement that he will be ready when training camp rolls around.

This is great news and eases some of the skepticism many fans had when Redmond was drafted. How much he will contribute is still a question, his rookie season or otherwise, but at least we won't be left wondering how his recovery is coming along/what he may be able to do once healthy for a full season.