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Devon Cajuste will play anywhere, anytime, any position for 49ers

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One of the first reported UDFAs to sign with the 49ers was Stanford WR Devon Cajuste. He spoke to the media during rookie minicamp about his desire to play and being a 'local.'

One of the first UDFAs reported to sign with the San Francisco 49ers was Stanford WR Devon Cajuste. Sacramento Bee's Matt Barrows reached out to his agent following the close of the draft to be informed of the news. Cajuste has a large frame at 6'4 and 234 lbs., 33' arms and very good hands. At the 49ers local pro day, he caught everything thrown his direction.

After the draft, HC Chip Kelly spoke briefly on Cajuste:

He's outstanding. I obviously have a great relationship with David [Shaw], I went to their pro day he came down to our pro day. He's a tough match up as a receiver, he's so big, he's strong, he's physical, he's got a great catch radius.

Cajuste will have an easy transition, not needing to move while also having some familiar faces on the team. He will be joining Stanford teammates Joshua Garnett, Shayne Skov and Kevin Anderson.

I have to say I'm completely blessed to be honest. I have my whole set up here. I don't really have to change; where I go to church, my mentors, my friends, where I'm living, So I mean, this is the package deal right here.

During his time at Stanford, Cajuste was ready to contribute in any way possible, but the Cardinal wouldn't let him play on special teams until the end of his last year. Even then, he was limited to punt returns, and only at the second level. When asked if he wanted to contribute to the punt return team or kick return team:

Whatever team they want me on, I'm going to be able to play on. Honestly I don't want to have a preference because I don't have a preference. But again, if they give me that opportunity I'm going to take advantage of it. If they want me on all four teams, I'll be on all four teams.

Will he be comfortable blocking if he is moved to tight end?

I'm 100% comfortable. I mean trying to block as a receiver, that was something I tried to make a point at Stanford to other receivers. You have to take that to a huge level of importance and showing that on the outside, it's even more important on the inside, but I try to make them look the same essentially. So it wouldn't be any different, I'd be just as excited.

Has he played in the slot, and blocked?

Actually when it came to the slot, it was a combination so teams wouldn't know if I was running the routes or if I was coming in to crack down and block, but I would definitely say that most of my career contributed to the slot.

Whatever role that the 49ers want Cajuste to play, he is a willing subject. He is another 'swiss army knife' style player that both Baalke and Kelly look for, but he hasn't been informed of their plans yet.

Whatever these guys want me to play, I'll play. So, nothing yet but yeah, whatever they want.