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Former 49ers head coach Mike Singletary interested in Baylor head coach job

It has been a quiet period for the San Francisco 49ers, but it has been far from quiet for Baylor University. The football program, and the university as a whole, are embroiled in a serious problem regarding sexual assault. There has been an extensive investigation, revealing a myriad of institutional issues. Since the release of a report on the investigation, Head football coach Art Briles resigned, and several officials, including university chancellor Ken Starr (yes, the Clinton impeachment one) have resigned or being fired.

The team hired Jim Grobe as head coach for the 2016 season, naming him acting head football coach. He has extensive experience, and given all the turmoil the university has brought upon itself, it makes sense to bring in someone with experience like Grobe. However, the university will need to figure out what to do for the long-term. Given the disgraceful behavior of so many people (administrators, coaches, players), the best option would probably be to shut down the program. That won't be happening anytime soon though, and one alum is interested in helping rebuild the program.

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary was asked recently by TMZ Sports if he would be interested in coaching his alma mater. Singletary told them he is "absolutely" interested, and also said there have been some "casual conversations" with people at the university.

Shortly after word broke about the Baylor report, Matt Maiocco tweeted this out:

While Mike Singletary was a questionable head coach with the 49ers, there would seem to be no doubt about his character. And while he struggled in the NFL, he has also been deeply involved in a self-evaluation to improve as a coach. He very well could find success in the NFL as a head coach, but the college ranks could be where his style might fit in best. And taking the time to try and build an culture of real character at Baylor would certainly be a good place to start.